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Build and Launch Your B2B Content Strategy

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What People Are Saying:

Pierre has undoubtedly created the most concrete and actionable training in content marketing

Eric Seclet

"The course is a practical step by step way to setup an effective content strategy. Especially the workshops where they put things into practice are helpful once you start."

Thom van der Kleij

"TThe course is fantastic and amazing value for money! There are tons of new ideas and concepts I've never heard of before. Everything is presented really well too, easy to digest the content and understand the concepts. I've paid a lot more and got a lot less in the past, so I'm very happy."

James Londesborough

"This course cuts straight to the chase with actionable strategies and templates to provide real value. The exercises, quizzes, and workshops help solidify the concepts. Even as a seasoned marketer, I'm still learning new things. It's a must-take for those serious about B2B content strategy!"

Nicolas Duchemin

"I've been posting on LinkedIn for 3 years and have grown my audience to 50,000 followers over that span. Yet I've learned so much from this program. I wish I had it when I first started posting - it would have saved me at least 6 months of guesswork and trial and error. Content is the future of marketing and this is the best program out there to learn it."

Florian Decludt